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Our Story

PPE is owned and run by me, Seth Pasternack. I have been involved in the natural food movement since 1995 when I lived on an organic farm in Canada. From there I ended up in Santa Cruz, CA, right in the heart of the organic movement. From 1996-2001 I helped run Rejuvenative Foods, a company that had been pioneering organic cultured vegetables and nut/seed butters for many years.

After 5 years of managing and helping the business grow it was time to move on, and Convergence Catering was born. The core mission of Convergence was to provide healthy, affordable, mostly organic and vegan foods. Convergence worked in many different venues through the years, and eventually learning to make pizza became a necessity and a passion. The seeds of becoming a baker were starting to grow, and besides pizza I began experimenting in the bread world.

So how did I end up in Mexico? In 2006 I was still stuggling to get Convergence profitable, and realized I needed some kind of new situation to keep moving forward. I was imagining many different possibilities around Santa Cruz, but eventually I found an opportunity to help run a cafe with the same visions I have, here in San Jose Del Cabo.

During these last 3 years of helping to run Sabor De Amor, baking artisan bread became more and more my focus. It was a natural expansion from the cookies, cakes, and pizzas I was already making, especially since finding good bread here in los cabos is a real challenge. Underlying everything is a passion for the environment and good health. Accordingly organic ingredients were always a priority, and in Santa Cruz, this was easily achieved. However, here in Mexico, organic ingredients are harder to get. So for now I can not proclaim my bakery to be Organic, but I am currently using some organic ingredients, and the rest are the best I can find here.

After 3 years of slowly building up our business it was time to start an expansion of our baking space. In the summer of 2014 work began on this new space, and as each part came to fruition a cohesive structure has been born. It is now almost the 2017 New Year and we are happily working in our expanded space, although we do plan to expand it even more. While the pace of construction can be considered on the slow side, we were delayed significantly due to hurricane Odile which struck September of 2015. As well we are self-funding this project through our hard, focused and loving work which has just allowed for a slow but steady pace. Here is a collection of photos of this process over the past 2 years.

Seth Pasternack

founder & baker

624 121-1427
831 440-7363 (skype name – convergenceseth)

Arturo Quiroz Fukushima

sales & marketing
624 358-2121

Animas Altas, SJC, BCS, Mexico

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